Am I free: Yes Hire Me

We would like to thank all the people that have ever been to a mash attack show, with us supporting or us headlining. it means a lot to us that so many people have been there from the start to finish and all the new faces we met along the way.

As you know we decided to call it a day with mash attack and go on hiatus. This doesn’t’t mean were broken up, were just taking some down time to find out what is best for the band and what we want to do with it.

Some of the guys in the Band have started new projects or joined old projects.

James Tetley has formed a 3 piece punk band called 8bitbear

Chris Booroff has Joined Kids Can’t Fly on Trumpet

Pip Borthwick is carrying on with his Indy band Oresteia

Please take the time to check out their new / old bands and give them a like.

We ended our reign of terror supporting our all time fav band Capdown, then a little well raucous after show party at Ivo’s place.


In the mean time we would like to thank all the fantastic bands that we have shared the stage with:

beat the redlight, the junk, eat defeat, pickled dick, mike tv, the skints, voodoo glow skulls, phinius gage, tyrannosaurus alan, anti vigilante, popes of chilitown, broken nose, detached, egos at the door, jakal, king tuts revenge, dirty revolution, big top, capdown, sonic boom 6, mike scott, company l, guy folk, rogue focus, xxcortez, almedia, flood these walls, marwood, spunge, new riot, the dirty rotten scoundrels, war against sound, the liabilitys, the hotknives, the big head, the scaredy cats, knock out, our time down here, new riot, the skandalz, the slm, bobby random, genside, skaraman, the infection, uncommonmenfrommarse, lucky 7 teen, bearface, captain accident and the disasters, the liabilites, luvdump, fair dos, flippant malarkism, slack orkestral, board of justice, retraplayer, big topp, random hand, inner terrestrials, danny frontaine and the horns of fury, the skanx, drones, humla, asbo retards, crash course, the melodies, double cross, avondale 45, pepper, jb conspiracy, 6 inches 2 small, were whats left, hollow jack, jet heeled striker, rayguns look real enough, idiot 3, fto, famouse grey, drawings, will ton and the wasters muff said, vice like grip, dirty sanchez.

There are so many, more bands that we have shared a stage with if we have missed you off please send us a message on facebook.

And thats all she wrote

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